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Web3 projects are driven by strong community building.
Goofy the Goat is an innovative NFT project that aims to create an indissoluble union between high-level Utility and Art: in fact, the entire unique collection of 10’000 NFT living on the Solana Blockchain was hand drawn by Habeeb Hamza, an artist with decades of creative experiences. In addition, each Goofy is special and programmatically generated from over 500 incredible accessories and traits, including professions and urban culture references.
As for the Utility, each Holder of the exclusive Goofy the Goat will have access to unique advantages and benefits that include not only a promising value regarding the individual NFTs of the collection, but also Airdrops, Raffles, Contests and, in particular, exlusive Drops, Merch and pieces of art.
The future of the project is bright and aims to create an exclusive space for the Holders, “the Majlis” & a Metaverse movie for the community of supporters.
Goofy The Goat #3168
Habeeb The goat
Artist and founder
Goofy the Goat #6112
Philips the goat
Marketing head
Goofy the Goat #9600
Digital strategy head
Goofy the Goat #6864
Ns the goat
Co founder