Minting details

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Minting process.

The minting process of an NFT is the way in which a digital artwork (or any other digital object) is permanently "engraved" in the public register of a blockchain: it can no longer be modified and is therefore tamper-proof.
In short: when you mint an NFT, you are creating item on a blockchain (typically Ethereum or Solana): this item is your unchangeable proof of ownership, which you may or may not sell and transfer to someone else at a later stage.
The Mint process will be curated by our Lead Developer in detail. The supply of the first collection consisting of 10’000 NFTs.
The most active members of the community will be rewarded with one of the Whitelist spots and will be entitled to a priority mint phase in which they can 100% secure an NFT of the collection.
Mint date & Mint price for each NFT will be announced as soon as possible by the team. Follow Goofy the Goat on all the social media channels to make sure you stay up to date.