About Us

Goofy The Goat

unique in the Web3 landscape

Our Mission is what we’re most proud of. It’s our belief. Our responsibility to the Community is what makes us unique in the Web3 landscape.
The Mission of Goofy the Goat project is structured and summarized as follows:
Our operations aimed at achieving the objectives can be found in three macro-areas, such as:
The Mission of Goofy the Goat is aimed at long-term focus.
We will be able to pursue our goals and raise the bar in Web3 in the most functional way possible: maintaining transparency, constant communication and determination with our community.
This is not a short-term project with a lot of hype and little substance, we are here because we have goals to achieve, which can be summarized in a unique and exclusive experience, as well as profitable for Holders, for those who decide to join our community.
Goofy the Goat will be able to offer an incentive mechanism for Holders, bringing the quality of the Utility related to the collection to a level as advanced and exclusive as possible, for example with the benefits for Holders like official Contests, Giveaways, Airdrops, merch, rewards for Holders, “The Majlis” (Holders-only area) and a future Metaverse implementation.