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Are you ready to join the most exclusive NFT Club ever?

Goofy the Goat is the Web3 paradise consisting of a community of true enthusiasts about Crypto, the potential of decentralization and all aspects related to Metaverse and NFT.
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Goofy The Goat

Our Story

Goofy the Goat is an innovative NFT project that aims to create an indissoluble union between high-level Utility and Art: in fact, the entire unique collection of 10’000 NFT living on the Solana Blockchain was hand drawn by Habeeb Hamza, an artist with decades of creative experiences. In addition, each Goofy is special and programmatically generated from over 500 incredible accessories and traits, including professions and urban culture references.
As for the Utility, each Holder of the exclusive Goofy the Goat will have access to unique advantages and benefits that include not only a promising value regarding the individual NFTs of the collection, but also Airdrops, Raffles, Contests and, in particular, exlusive Drops, Merch and pieces of art.
The future of the project is bright and aims to create an exclusive space for the Holders, “the Majlis” & a Metaverse movie for the community of supporters.

we are officially verified by Alder mages

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Goofy Collectons

GOOFY GOATS In order to purchase your Goofy Goat, head to OpenSea. BUY A GOAT ON OPENSEA The initial sale has ended. To purchase your Goofy Goat, visit OpenSea.

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Our Roadmap

It's a long-term commitment. We've set some targets for ourselves. Our effort will begin once we hit a predetermined percentage of sell through.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
we payoff ourself the expenses made to launch the project
every artwork bought we plant 5 trees @ onetreeplanted. asociation with one tree planted .starts after 20% sold
GTG gets its own YouTube channel, GTG LoFi Radio - Beats to Goat into Shitcoins. To
Member-Exclusive GTG Merch Store receives unlocked, offering Limited Edition t-shirts, hoodies, and different prizes
The clubhouse photograph turns into interactive and the Mysterious Note will become legible, starting a treasure hunt. The first to remedy the mystery will be rewarded 5 ETH and a Goofy Goat.
The Mutant Goat (NFT Breeding) Arcade Machine receives fixed. And we make up new ways to Goat with our friends

Quick Questions

Just have a virtual wallet based on Solana Blockchain. We recommend Phantom which is the easiest to use.

Goofy the Goat will be listed on the best Marketplaces, like OpenSea, Magic Eden and SolanArt.

Goofy the Goat is an innovative NFT project that aims to create an indissoluble union between high-level Utility and Art.

There will be 2000 Zenjin Viperz that will be minted. Later in the roadmap we will be introducing the Legendary Leaders from each faction.

TBA. Follow us on the social and join Discord.

Brainchild of celebrated artist Habeeb Hamza, each Goat was procedurally generated from a collection of hand drawn items.

Many things are planned. Airdrops, Giveaways, Holders-only area (“The Majlis”), a Metaverse movie and so on. To keep track of all those stuff, join our Discord.


meet our team

Our team began as four friends who wanted to create some dope Goats, test our coding skills, and see how ridiculous we could make something.
Goofy The Goat #3168
Habeeb The goat
Artist and founder
Goofy the Goat #6112
Philips the goat
Marketing head
Goofy the Goat #9600
Digital strategy head
Goofy the Goat #6864
Ns the goat
Co founder

What People Say

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Awesome Artwork!

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Tommy Burton
Founder NiFTy

our blog & news

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